HOFFMAN Mediation

In every dispute, there are two approaches to solutions. The first involves aggression and hostility, with expensive, slow, deliberate progress and a lack of control over each decision. The second involves discussion and compromise, quickly moving through disagreements to get to the heart of the matter.

Mediation is a way to resolve a legal dispute at an early stage without the risk, uncertainty and cost of prolonged litigation or trial. It is a process designed so that the parties themselves exchange and select possible solutions to reach a fair outcome.

A trained, knowledgeable and experienced mediator is essential to the process. The mediator views the dispute objectively and assists the parties in exploring alternatives and suggesting creative ways in which the parties can reach a mutually beneficial resolution.

Unlike the aggressive all-or-nothing approach to litigation where a judge or jury decides the fate of a case, a neutral mediator works with the parties. Even though a mediator never favors either side, his impartiality differs from that of the neutrality of a judge in that a mediator actively assists the parties to reach a result that meets the needs of both sides.

As a Georgia-certified mediator and partner in the law firm of Young, Thagard, Hoffman, Smith, Lawrence and Shenton since 1987, I specialize in personal injury, workers’ compensation and employment law and have participated in hundreds of mediations throughout South Georgia.

While principally representing employers and defendants, I have also represented numerous plaintiffs and claimants and am familiar with the concerns of both plaintiffs and defendants, employers and employees. I concentrate my mediation practice on personal injury, workers’ compensation and employment law disputes, but I have experience in numerous other practice areas. I bring a patient demeanor and calm tone to the process combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the various areas of practice. In my years of experience, I provide parties with a cost effective, prompt alternative to protracted litigation. I believe I enjoy a reputation with both plaintiff and defense attorneys as being knowledgeable, fair and reasonable which is evidenced by my AV Pre-eminent peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating an attorney can achieve.

Dan Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman is a senior partner with the insurance defense firm of Young, Thagard, Hoffman, Smith, Lawrence & Shenton, L.L.P. in Valdosta, Georgia. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1981) and his law degree from the University of Notre Dame School of Law (1984).