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Employment law disputes are particularly well suited to mediation for many reasons.  They often involve complex interpersonal relationships which call for creative “outside the box” solutions.  Termination, discrimination and harassment claims can be very emotional for both employees, whose legal rights may have been violated, and for employers who are defending their right to make lawful business decisions.

Because these claims can be very complicated, both sides can spend a lot of money, time and energy proving their claims or defending their actions.  Mediation can provide a faster resolution benefitting both parties, allowing the employers to focus on their businesses and the employees the opportunity to move forward with their lives and careers.

In addition to the financial and time savings, these disputes many times need creative solutions and mediation can achieve a customized solution not available in traditional litigation.

Employment law is a complex and constantly changing area of the law.  More than in many other areas, these disputes often call for a mediator who is an expert in the field.  A practicing attorney who specializes in employment law and keeps up to date on the latest developments can best understand the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments on both sides.  In addition to mediating employment law disputes, I have an active practice with an ongoing specialty in employment law and represent both employees and employers in disputes involving harassment, retaliation, non-compete agreements, FMLA, ADA and employment contracts.  My expertise in this area allows me to clearly explain the parties’ positions to help them understand the risks they face if the case is not resolved.

My ability to draw upon not only my knowledge in the field, but also upon my insights gained by my years of experience, allows me to balance the viewpoints and personalities of the parties to achieve a tailored solution beneficial to both sides.

Dan Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman is a senior partner with the insurance defense firm of Young, Thagard, Hoffman, Smith, Lawrence & Shenton, L.L.P. in Valdosta, Georgia. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1981) and his law degree from the University of Notre Dame School of Law (1984).